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Machconfill (Thailand) Co., Ltd.was established on November 8, 1991 the Company opened 23 years ago by a registered capital of 30 million, and its first factory located in Bangkok, Machconfill (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Establish the design of Manufacture, packaging machinery covers the complete field of technology, sort bottle Machine ,Rinsing , filling , Capping Bottles , Glue Cold Labeling Machine, Sticker Labeling,  , Shrink Film Wrapping Machine Automatic Including packaging in many forms, other conveyor system . To meet the needs of a rapidly growing domestic market. Which at that moment machinery, almost all households in the country. Imported from abroad  which has a high price. Who operate in medium and small sizes can not afford to compete. We offer a new alternative, is Locally Manufactured Machinery, overseas and another way under the brand" Machconfill (Thailand) Co., Ltd.



Fixing Service

Customers can contact us for repairing or changing any broken mechanical parts at our company from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday-Friday
For more information, contact us at 02-9924171-6 or by email:

If you contact us we would like to know the specific problem and will decide the prize together
We will send that specific part to fix at the place the product is located after we got a permission from the customer.


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