The company is committed to satisfying the customer.   By apply ISO 9001:2000 quality management system policy has officially started operations from 21 September 2545 and was assigned a quality policy and quality objectives for employees at all levels have been known   and implementation results are detailed below.



" Machconfill (Thailand) Co., Ltd.” has a policy to manufacture machinery, produce spare parts quality, meet the needs of customers.   The provide the necessary engineering delivery to meet on time. After sales service is impressive, and  committed to developing innovative new technologies relentless " .

Production process

The management plan  and planning a party for production control. By bringing the issue to orders. After orders then staff rooms to design to match the ORDER of customers to meet their needs when it is complete, then the design will be sent to the lathe - milling to produce  piece of equipment in case it is not able to produce parts with sufficient production company to send the parts to machining - Milling employs SUPPLIER external access to parts of the production will be check parts before the machine and then store in the STORE section of the machine, to the operator. The machine acts as a perfect  machine. The machine can be moved as required and then to bring a bottle. The actual test and cover the client machine. If a problem occurs while testing machines that make the machines work according to customer requirements  and on time. Before sending the machine at all times  will need to check the quality of the machine at all times. Sales department  appointment customers. To inspection at the plant sale. When testing is complete machinery factory seller. The company the appointment with the client to send the machine to the factory next purchase.

Personal  plan

All employees who have been recruited to work with the equipment for the work experience and training of each department head before starting work. Which supplement the expertise of the staff organization's strengths and competitive advantages.

Manufacturing / production process

1. To started the company and reviewing the needs of customers, the ability to produce .
2.  In case that can not be produced. To deal with new clients and can be produced in case the  customer decides to bid.
3.  After receive the orders from customers, making the production plan .
4. Then map proposed executive approval. If you plan to modify and approve to cancel the proposed new, If approved the design plan .
5. Then proceed to purchase supplies to order.
6 . Vendors on delivery, those responsible for the inspection of goods . In cases that do not meet the criteria for vendor products and bring new products to delivery, in case of pass  the criteria .
7. Continue production under production plans
8. Monitoring and auditing processes. Between production and final inspection .
9. Then delivery and installation,  Then check the final installation process.


The condition competition over the past 4-5 years ago, we have been focused on new design of  technologies and services to keep up more with the standards set out new things. New technology to our customers  which reduces the risk of losing customers to competitors. At present  consider that company ranked as the nation  leading technology companies  businesses similar. We have developed advanced machinery and high all the time with over 23 years experience to design and debug machine  which ensure the customers as well.

Competition and the development of future technologies

All businesses need to be competitive. The company has improved change and new challenges  continue to lead in this competitive environment. This is to meet the needs of our customers best. Therefore, employees must be trained to have the knowledge and capacity increase.In order to work out the difference from the competition altogether. Considered a leader in the customer business. Most of  the machinery company are small , medium, large, with many groups including customers in countries about 70 % to about foreigner 30 % of the customers to the company. In the next time  company has policies to expand exports increase. International customers started to use machines from Thailand because of quality and the price is acceptable and competitive with other countries. There are several groups of customers. There are a whole bunch of food produces, beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, machinery , etc., which have been exported to over 20 countries .