Companies engaged in the business of design innovators innovate. For products to packaging and packaging automation products such as beverage, fruit juice , water , milk, tea , coffee and other products processed agricultural such as sauce, soy sauce , chicken sauce , chili sauce, shrimp paste,. Thailand has many other fish farming which can be processed in a variety of products as well for domestic sales and exports. It's important to get the development of production and packaging, giving rise to increased revenue for themselves and national policies of the Government. " One Tambon One Product " which MACHCONFILL's view of Thailand to offer their support.  The consulting and design to replace imports from countries with high rates and there is opportunity to expand the business to even greater is the price,  quality, and service after the sale with over 23 years experience and the development of incontinence. We make everything easy, able to meet the needs of their clients. No matter what your product is, we have a team of engineers, and executives who have the ability and with the company have been certified ISO 9001:2000 in the field of packaging design and accept to MACHCONFILL  was established as delivery and installation of the Company and the various government agencies across the country such as Thai  Beverages Co Ltd. ( water brand of Chang )  Cosmos Co. Ltd, Thai International Company Limited ( the Company ) , Esso Standard ( Thailand) Co., Ltd., IP Manufacturing Co., Ltd,  IP Lab company limited,  Lion company limted, Loxley Thailand Co., Ltd.. Thai Numthip Co., Ltd, oil olive ORENE,  Piboon Mae Pranom Co., Ltd., Hi-Q Co., Ltd., Unilever Thai Holdings Company Limited, the Project of Suan Jitlada, Siriraj Hospital, Phaya Thai Hospital, Rajabhat Suan Dusit,  Army sports club, etc.

One thing that has not changed. It is the commitment of the company. To serve and resolve problems before they occur, which the quality control system within the agency that are required to create a production plan and provide efficient after sales service and further development continues. Machinery of"MACHCONFILL" products  has been planned and continuous quality control. The Company policy as follows: " The MACHCONFILL has a policy to produces equipment, spare parts quality meet the needs of customers, provide the necessary engineering delivery to meet on time. After sales service is impressive and committed to developing innovative new technologies relentless "This is the aim that we have set. Everything has been designed by computer has focused first. To eliminate the hassle of production company we specialize in the design as well  and trust in the packaging machinery orders from customers.

In the present, company  expansion and construction of new advanced international standards operation of the packaging machine . The ISO 9001:2000 certified headquarters located at Factory One :8/3 Moo 5,  Sukapiban5 Road, Soi Jatuchote,  Kwaeng Ao-ngen, Sai Mei District Bangkok   and Factory Two:19 Soi Phokaew 3 Yeak 13 Ladprao 101 Road Klongchan Bangkapi Bangkok Thailand 10240 . Which employs more than 30 to 50 people who have experience and expertise over 20 years and includes the ability to invent new things  are currently more than 50 kinds of products, it is filled with oil , fish sauce , soy sauce , milk, cream , shampoo , liquor , wine , juice , water , chemicals , and processed products of agriculture  all kinds  Packaging process due to the long experience makes everything easier for us, that means easier for our customers.